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Travel information

The nearest metro to Katie is Northumberland Park (within 6mile)

Our VIP members also get info on parking and bus routes.

Availability - w/c 26/06/2017

Mon8:00-15:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Wed8:00-13:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Wed15:00-17:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Wed20:30-22:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Thu8:00-12:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Thu15:00-17:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Thu20:30-22:00Incall/Outcall Cramlington
Fri8:00-11:30Incall/Outcall Cramlington

Katie's Feedback

Members Only

VIP members get additional information on Amour girls. You can only become a VIP member if you are invited based on being a trusted member of our forum (if you are not yet a member then join up here) and have previously made bookings with Amour.

  • Additional Pictures - many of our girls have additional members only pics, some showing their faces (and often a lot more!).
  • Map of general area - allowing you to plan your visit, parking etc
  • Introductory video - some of our girls may also supply a little "Hello" video so you can see them and their personality.
  • And more....